Discover the Château of Cheverny and enter a world full of wonders

Cheverny is a fantastic place that amazes every visitor, no matter how old they are. This estate has been held by the same family for over six centuries. Cheverny has always been inhabited, and every generation that lived here left a piece of history in the castle. Throughout the ages, its inhabitants have always taken care and embellished the place. In 1992, it was one of the few castle that decided to open their doors to the public. Since that day, every visitor has the chance to admire the splendour and the everyday life of this monument. Indeed, you can discover the heritage of the centuries : the botanical park, the incredible interior of the Château, the hunting dogs, the gardens leading to the park, and more recently, the Tintin exhibition.

A place where every princess tale can become real


While discovering the inside of the castle, you’ll be able to appreciate the wonderful range of furniture and indoor decoration that are incredibly well preserved. On the first floor, you’ll see the private apartments that convey the so known French “art de vivre”. The Château of Cheverny keeps many secrets, such as a 17th century Gobelin tapestry, or the Louis XIV chest of drawers in the Boulle style.


If you come discover this place with your whole family, the amazement will also strike kids. If they’re aged between 7 and 14 years old, they will be invited to join in a mysterious game. The aim will be to decode a secret sentence dealing with the Château of Cheverny. Game instructions will be given at your arrival to the castle.


Apart from the building itself, the gardens are worth the visit. With four themed gardens, there is something for every taste. First, there is the marvelous vegetable garden. It’s a real array of colours, textures and tastes, with its rows of flowers and vegetables. The garden can look absolutely different depending on the season. An excellent excuse to go back to this peaceful place.

Have fun in a peaceful place

Then, there is the apprentice’s garden, that is an ornamental pleasure garden. In the past, this garden was totally different, because it was a formal French garden. You’ll find it between the Orangery and the Château. It’s the perfect place to spend a romantic break with your beloved one. Then, you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious snack or the beverage of your choice at the Café de l’Orangerie.


For the most adventurous, there is the maze. It’s the favourite part of the garden according to the younger visitors. The structure was planted in 2009, and it enables visitors to have fun hiding from their friends. Last, but not least : the mesmerizing tulip garden. Over 100 000 flowers, multicolour, all planted by the castle’s gardeners. Make sure to come in April, it’s the moment when the tulips flourish.

All dog lovers will run to the kennel of the Château. More than hundred tricolor anglo-french dogs live in the kennels that was created in 1850. This breed of dog is a cross between English Foxhound and French Poitevins. Between April 1st and September 14th, you’ll be able to see how they’re fed.